The summer card

A varied summer card for a savoyard gastronomic cuisine

The Corbeleys is a cute little cottage, colorful and flowery, where you feel right at home. Martine and Bruno open their doors to us as they open their hearts: let’s go inside!

There are some magical places where authenticity and human warmth predominate Coming to Corbeleys means coming to meet the Suchet siblings, originally from the valley, whose grandparents built this little alpine chalet where they kept goats, cows and sheep. When they transformed it into a restaurant in 1985, they were keen to preserve its soul. Ainsi, les carrons des vaches, les cercles pour fabriquer le Beaufort et les photos de familles ornent les murs, comme un hymne aux souvenirs d’une enfance passée dans les alpages.

In summer, this exceptional place takes on the air of a vacation where it is good to spend time with family

or with friends. A magnificent terrace with panoramic views over the valley, flowers, deckchairs, games for adults and children, a little puddle, endless smiles and laughter, welcome to Corbeleys.

Here, the joy of living and the happiness of being together are real values. And this authentic and traditional side is found in the dishes of course: croziflette from our mountains, Beaufort tart, Lou Tantin plank, huge salads, mountain burger, veal entrecote, homemade diots, not to mention the Belleville desserts … Here, the good ones Local products are in the spotlight and this summer again, we find vegetables from Martine and Bruno’s vegetable gardens, always careful to offer the best to their visitors.

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