Our story

Traditional restaurant in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville in Savoy

This alpine chalet was built by our great grandparents, on a plateau suitable for grazing herds. The origin of the name of our chalet comes from its location, near a mountain ash tree forest, called the bird tree.

It is not uncommon to see a multitude of birds (jackdaw, blackbird, sparrows, etc.) come to taste the rowan berries, red fruits of this tree, always present in Corbeleys.

This chalet has served for over 120 years as a mountain pasture for our family.

In summer, the bells of herds of cows and goats brightened this place located 1 hour drive from our home village: St Marcel.

Since 1985, thanks to the development of the 3 valleys in the Saint Martin de Belleville sector, we great-grandchildren have chosen to transform this chalet into an authentic restaurant, which testifies to our history and our values.

At Corbeleys, the stones will speak to you. The emotion will be there.

In order to better satisfy our customers, we strive each winter to change some elements of decorations and to innovate in our menu. We work with fresh products and revisit recipes of yesteryear. We hope that these recipes will immerse you in our childhood rocked by the surrounding mountains.

We put our hearts into our welcome and our cuisine. We just want your simple lunch on the slopes to turn into a really good taste as well as emotional experience.

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